Mineral Brick Slips

ELASTOLITH is a Dutch manufacturer of mineral brick slips. The company has been producing these unique brick slips since 1982. However, the ingredients have been in use since 1962.

From grain of sand to customer! Brick slips are produced within the company, all the way from the grain of sand. All of the raw materials, semi-manufactured products and end products are strictly controlled in our own laboratory according to European guidelines.

Elastolith products provide a perfect facade finish, both aesthetically and technically. That is the years-long experience of architects, contractors, system owners, processors, corporations, other property owners and DIYers.

The company keeps a keen eye on trends in architecture and interior design. These serve as the basis for product development.

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    Cheap solution

    System Elastolith consists only two elements: Flexible brick slips and special Elastolith adhesive which also indicates the colour of the grout.
    Elastolith brick slips are available in several different colours, sizes and textures. They come in hand formed and extruded versions. The extruded brick slips are the most streamlined. The system requires no additional time-consuming grouting joints or impregnating. We save on expensive corners because flexible brick slips can be easily bent.

    Elastolith is the lightest brick slip system in the world, it can be installed directly onto the wall without additional thermal insulation and very expensive reinforcements, which are necessary for veneer of traditional brick slips weighing several dozen kilograms per square meter. Due to extremely simple installation can save nerves and money related to employment of a builder.  

    You can do it yourself !


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    Do it yourself!

    Flexibility and ease of work makes Elastolith the most friendly DIY product, available for everyone.

    Installation of  flexible brick slips requires no special tools and can be performed by any person who has a basic knowledge of  DIY. 


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    Adhesive is the grout

    Elastolith System consists only two components: a flexible brick slip and special Elastolith adhesive which also is the grout. After embedding Elastolith brick slips, with the help of  a brush smooth out the adhesive to achieve finished grout effect.

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    Hand made in Holland

    Flexible Elastolith brick slips are done by hand. Due to this all discolouration, shades in the colours and surface structures of each brick slip is different than the other. This means the end result is the same as the natural hand moulded bricks.

    With this unique properties, Elastolith gained the trust of conservators.


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    Where? Everywhere!

    Elastolith System is dedicated for interior and exterior use.

    A small thickness and the minimum weight of the System solves most of the problems with the assembly of traditional brick slips. The unusual properties of the System allows installation of flexible brick slips onto the insulation. The need of costly stainless steel hooks, brackets or even additional foundations necessary for the traditional brick slips has been eliminated.

    Elastolith is the lightest brick slip cladding system in the world and in this regard Elastolith is unique.

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    Amazing colours of Elastolith

    Plus 5 colours of adhesive/grout.

    For more than 50 years of manufacturing flexible brick slips in the data base of Elastolith it has over 6000 recipes of different colours. For obvious reasons, in the standard palette of colours, there are several items available in stock. With Elastolith's patented technology in 1962 Elastolith laboratory is able to reproduce every colour and texture no matter whether the sample is a modern product or brick a historic monument.

    Additionally, the system allows for a combination of one flexible brick slip from as many as five different colours of adhesive which is also the grout.

    With these capabilities to create unique cladding is only a matter of imagination of an investor or an architect.  

Zrób to SAM!

  • Mounting in 5 steps

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    1. Bonding

    With the help of a notched trowel (4 mm) spread special Elastolith adhesive on an area of  approximately 1sq.metre. Do not spread on wider area due to fast drying rate of the adhesive. Thickness of the layer should be around 2 mm. It is recommended to start from top of the wall and work your way to the bottom.

    2. Pressing 

    Press the flexible Elastolith brick slip to the freshly applied adhesive and leave 12-14 mm space between the brick slips. You must carefully press over its entire surface to the adhesive immediately after the application. 

    3. Cutting

    Flexible Elastolith brick slips can be easily cut into the desired size with scissors or a utility knife. Offcuts can be used in a further assembly.

    4. Corners

    For the corners you can simply fold to fit the flexible Elastolith brick slips. At lower temperatures you can warm the brick slips in your hands and bend gradually to avoid micro cracks. Sharp corners should be smooth out.


     After pressing the flexible brick slips the fresh excess adhesive must be removed by using a brush (12 mm wide) .It is very important to pay attention to the execution of sealing the joints to block the access of the water between the brick slips and the adhesive. It is very important to cover the edges of the brick slips must be fully coated with the adhesive.

  • All you need

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    Installation of flexible Elastolith brick slips does not require any special tools and it can be done by anybody with a little knowledge of DIY.
    - scissors
    - pencil
    - tape measure
    - flat brush 10 mm-12 mm
    - notched trowel 4 mm

    Click on the image to see all the tools you need.

  • Watch how to do video

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1. Facing/ Facade Cladding

For many years, the system has been used with a great success at completing facade cladding. As well as for a new buildings, it can be used for: restorations,
a countless number of homes, apartments, building complexes, shopping centres, commercial and office buildings and other facilities. Thanks to Elastolith System we can uphold the traditional, elegant and natural look of facade with significant cost cuts.


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2. Interior wall lining / siding

Take care of an unique atmosphere in your apartment. You can choose from: bright white, expressive dark red or many other colours we offer within the wide range of flexible brick slips.

The use of Elastolith System guarantees warm atmosphere and original look of your interior.

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3. Decorative element

Fence? Plinth? Round pole or arches?
It is a perfect place for Elastolith brick slips. In such places where use of traditional bricks is difficult and multiplies the costs and installation time,
Elastolith can be used without any difficulties. Unique properties of flexible brick slips can help to solve many architectural problems.
Flexibility and ease of work makes Elastolith the most friendly DIY product, available for everyone.

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